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Heroes or Warriors, are people that have been summoned by the “Otherworlds” from Earth, the World of Void, to defeat a Demon Lord, with each being given extraordinary powers respective to their world to defeat their version of the “Demon Lord” who is terrorizing and endangering that world’s inhabitants.

After “saving” that world, the Heroes are then returned to their homeworld, fully retaining their powers, abilities, and equipment from the otherworld.

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Earth is known by the Otherworlds as “the World of Void”. This is because the World of Void doesn’t have a Hero or a Demon Lord, which makes it the only world used by the Otherworlds to call Heroes. Heroes are all formerly normal children and teenagers who were summoned at random coordinates by Otherworlds just as they were about to die or just after they died. These people vary in background but are mostly in bad situations when summoned, due to the other worlds only summoning the dead or dying. In a Q&A, it is explained that the current coordinates for the Heroes of the 21st Century are set in Korea, which is different from the coordinates from the 20th-century Heroes, and, if the World of Void was not overturned by the birth of a Demon Lord, then the 22nd-century Heroes would have been summoned from different coordinates other than Korea.

The Hero has Returned

Known Warriors

Minsu Kim

Lost hero status: Demon King

Jeongsu Park

Spear Warrior

Junho Yu

Verdant Warrior

Seungu Jeon

Golem Warrior

Hero has Returned Manga

Chapter 112

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The Hero has Returned Manhwa

The Hero has Returned is a captivating Manhwa series that follows the thrilling journey of a once-forgotten hero who returns to a world in desperate need of salvation. With stunning artwork and gripping storytelling, immerse yourself in a tale of adventure, redemption, and the ultimate battle against darkness.

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